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Victory is Ours

The Toronto Maple Leafs, who play the Habs on Tuesday, haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967. - Dennis Kane

Your loser team got blown out of the building by the basement dwelling Leafs. Carey Price was outduelled by a guy who had to leave the game with a heart condition and a career AHLer. Scott Gomez and Mike Cammalleri couldn't get on the score sheet; Colton Orr scored a game winning goal.

Hope your 1993 VHS tape hasn't worn out yet because you're going to need it.

There were the now traditional boos reserved for former Canadiens who return to the Bell Centre. Toronto defenceman Mike Komisarek, who spurned an offer from the Canadiens and signed with the Leafs as a free agent in the off-season, was on the receiving end of these boos each time he touched the puck. So was Mikhail Grabovski, whose tenure here effectively ended when he left the Canadiens in the middle of the West Coast trip two seasons back. - Montreal Gazette

Thanks for Komisarek and Grabovski by the way.

But the former Canadiens had the last laugh as they beat the Canadiens for the first time in three tries. And that was the reason for the other boos. The Bell Centre faithful turned on their heros on several occasions. - Montreal Gazette

Their heroes? For the sake of reasonable Habs' fans everywhere I really have to say this seems out of line. Is anyone who plays on the Canadiens really someone over the age of five's hero? If my hero was Tomas Plekanec or Brian Gionta I think I'd throw myself off the Pont Victoria.

Gomez has to be the most chickenshit player I've seen round these parts since Jason Spezza. - Habs Eyes on the Prize

No disagreement here.

I heard it said on the broadcast that [Gomez is] not the same player without Brian Gionta. - Habs Eyes on the Prize

That explains his 58 point $8,000,000 campaign in 07-08 then. Honestly Scott Gomez might have the worst contract in the NHL. That Glen Sather got rid of him for an RFA and a prospect makes me think one of two things.

1. A Bob Gainey impersonator approved the trade.

2. Glen Sather is the smartest man alive.

In reality the truth is probably a mix of those two things.

Tell me why....why fuckin' what, is cement footed Kyle Chipchura doing covering the fleet as they come Phil Kessel on that goal when the Canadiens have the last change? - Habs Eyes on the Prize

How cool is it that we have a player in Kessel that opposing teams fear and respect?

Habs source confirms Chipchura to the Ducks for a 4th round pick. - @DarrenDreger

Credit where credit is due; Montreal identifies a scapegoat and runs him out of town with burning pitchforks way faster than we do.

The Leaf fans who weren’t amused about my previous post about 1967 must be chuckling with glee. I was warned that the Leafs were going to kick ass and the prophecy came true. And believe me, Toronto fans and those at Pension Plan Puppets, I give full credit to your team - Dennis Kane

Oh we're chuckling. Believe you me there's much chuckleation in the Barilkosphere today.