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Sabres at Leafs: Our Cunning Plan

Puck Drop: 7PM ET, Sportsnet / Versus

Does anyone need an in depth game preview for a game against an in division foe we played three days ago? Gustavsson starts against Miller (ugh) tonight and we're long overdue for a win against the Slugs after getting Toskala-ed on Friday.

Here's my plan though; Ryan Miller basically has to play lots of games if the Sabres want to make the playoffs and do some damage. Good goaltending can cover up a ton of problems as we all learned from Cujo and Belfour. This year is an Olympic year - a year in which some overworked goalies (Miller, Lundqvist, Kiprusoff) are going to deal with a compressed schedule and playing for their countries in Vancouver.

Fast forward to February; you're Brian Burke and you're looking to win a medal in the Olympics so you go with your hot starter: Ryan Miller. Then you think about your division's points race way over there in the Northeast and you realize that running Ryan Miller into the dirt during the Olympics is a win - win. Let's make it happen Burke.

Remember your SPG picks and go Leafs go.