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Airing of Grievances - Matt Stajan

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Matty - is it okay if I call you that? - you're quite the discussion topic in the Barilkosphere. We're not quite sure what we've got in you. Are you putting up more points because of smoke (Antropov) and mirrors (Kessel)? Or are you just naturally developing? A lot of virtual ink has been spilled trying to figure out what to do with you because you're a pending UFA and out-performing your contract by a large margin. It might be nice to keep that going but it won't happen if you try to get paid.

We've watched you grow from a frightened 19 year old scoring in his first NHL game, against Ottawa no less, into a 20-something with a seeming death wish. Look at that hit up there! Yes, you tried to make the play but that kind of hit is usually a momentum changer. You can't jump on the trolley tracks whenever you feel like it because it could cost the Leafs. Not to mention, this is far from the first time you've been lit up like a Christmas tree. Now, it's not so much that the Leafs will shrivel up at the sight of blood like in the past (witness TOMAS KABERLE leading the charge for revenge) but that if you get your brains scrambled we can't trade you for a draft pick at the deadline.

So keep your head up!