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Airing of Grievances - Jonas Gustavsson's Heart

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Listen up you little jerk. Stop trying to derail our number one goalie's career. First, the Leafs actually get the most sought after player outside of the NHL. Then, we find out that Fabian Brunnstrom is looking like a bust. And Gustavsson follows that up with some great tending in the rookie tournament.

So things were looking pretty good before you decided to teach us about biology before someone with first-hand experience simultaneously terrified and satisfied us that you weren't going to stop working. But not so fast right? So far this year you've taken our lanky Swedish goalie away twice and left us with Vesa Toskala as our goalie. It's no surprise that things started so epically bad because it must be tough to go from playing in front of The Monster to trying to keep every shot from getting through to Man Purse.

That basically sums it up: Stop being a jerk. I don't want to learn anything else about hearts and ablations and catheters that go in extremely painful ways. Let Jonas Gustavsson show that Brian Burke made one of the signings of the summer.