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Christmas Ain't the Time for Breaking Each Other's Hearts

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'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the Barilkosphere, not a blogger was writing, not even LD.  The FTB was typed, all snug in it's spot, with hopes that more links would soon show up...

  • BoO's Five-O got drunk with NSFW and all he got was this inflated bar tab.
  • Norman James can see clearly now, and the Leafs aren't looking so pretty.
  • HockeyCentric would like us to take another look at Phil Kessel.
  • There are rumors that just won't go away about Jeff CarterShould the Leafs inquire?
  • Lastly, not a link but some news.  It was recently reported on From the Rink about a young man named Marc Andre Émond.  I've been able to get in touch with someone from the LMHF (Émond's midget league in Quebec) who has given me a mailing address for donations.  If you'd like to support, hit me up at my email found at the bottom of this site, and I'll send the info to you.

And that be it.  If I've missed anything, toss it in the comments.  I'm sure today is going to be a light day, so to those of us working, I hope it's a great one, and somehow, you manage to get out of work early.  I know that's my plan...