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Maple Leafs v. Canadiens: Alternating Wins FTW!

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Montreal Canadiens
@ Toronto Maple Leafs

Saturday, Dec 26, 2009, 7:00 PM EST
Air Canada Centre

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Being the great brother that I am, I gave my sister a ticket to tonight's Toronto/Montreal game. Being my # 1 fan I gave myself the other ticket. So far this year the Leafs are alternating results when I am in attendance. They lost stupidly to Minnesota, beat the s*nators, and let Toskala gift a game to the Sabres.

Tonight they face the horrible Montreal Canadiens who are one of their direct rivals for 10th place in the East. The Leafs are currently 5 points back of the Habs with a game in hand. The standings are, as they likely will remain for the rest of the year, an absolute clusterf*ck. This is a big game for the Buds as they will all remain for the rest of the year. It's hardly do-or-die but if they have to win any game it's the ones against their fellow potential first round fodder.

Gustavsson is going to start which makes me smile and he'll be facing off against Jaroslav Halak. That means that the Leafs will need about 50 shots to get 3 goals. Andrei Markov is back at the arena where Jim Carey Price cut his foot or something so the Leafs better stay out of the penalty box.