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Like the Leafs Ian White, Santa Delivers In the Clutch

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Christmas came and went without much of a hitch for mi familia blurr here in California.  The sun shone, the weather was pleasant.  You know, just your typical Christmas day.  Presents were opened, receipts exchanged, food eaten.  When I finally got home, I took stock of our haul, and was pleased with the end result.  The thing was, the gifts weren't done yet.

The next night, after dinner with some long lost friends, we all set off to a party for a good mutual friend of ours.  And my pal (for whom the party was,) let's call him "Dan", just so happened to work for a company called Easton, down in San Diego.

Now Dan has been a cycling guy for as long as I've known him, so working for Easton in their cycling division was a dream come true, but what I didn't know, was his close connections with Easton's big money maker, the hockey division.

Turns out, over the years of my rambling, Dan happened to remember a few things, one being I liked the Leafs, and at some point, he must have heard me say something about some guy named Shea Weber (in case you didn't know, blurr likey da Weber.)  The problem is, Weber doesn't play for the Leafs...


Or does he...?

Turns out this stick was made specifically for Shea (as in, this was part of his latest batch of sticks destined for Nashville,) but had a very, very (did I mention "very?") minor defect in the blade.  Dan managed to have them paint the stick in Leafs colors for me, and hand delivered it.  I was blown away.  He apologized for it not being a "game worn" (his words...) stick, or for a Leafs player, but the way I see it, it's a one of a kind.  Until Burke makes my dream come true...

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Let's get down to some links...

  • So the Leafs win, and how many recaps do I see?  Just this one, from the gang over at PensBurgh.  Toronto Mike did confirm that a game took place, and the Leafs won, but there was an issue with the whole "watching the game" part.  At this point, I'll take what I can get.  I'll assume we'll have a big influx of them in the comments.  If you've got one, give us a link.
  • The world's most interesting man, and all around "good guy" mf37 likes to read. A lot .
  • Scoring chances for the past two games are up and ready for your perusal over at Under the Helmet.
  • It's not even January, let alone February, so logically there's only one question to be asked:  are the Leafs buyers or sellers?
  • In other news, apparently there is something called "the World Juniors" taking place.  There are previews a plenty for the countries involved, including these three from the Hockey Writers, Crash the Crease and Hockey Blog In Canada.
  • Leafs prospect Nazem Kadri is making a few statements of his own at the tournament, not the least of which is that he can be nasty.