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It's the Beginning of the End...

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...of the year!  If you're looking for the right song to play as the clock rings in 2010, might I suggest the following?  Oh, and by the way, lyrics are completely NSFW.

Leafs play tomorrow tonight (sigh.)  I have no idea who it's against, but I'm sure at some point I'll get it all figured out.  Maybe I'll even watch he game! 

Oh ya, Leafs.  Links...

  • First order of business: Ian White.  MLHS tries to place a monetary value on a mustache, while TML Fan Fury states the obvious:  just pay the man!
  • Have the holidays ended?  Of course not!  Want to know how I know?  Two words: Holiday Kesstacular.
  • Steve talks power play numbers.  In particular, the crappy ones the Leafs have been putting up for quite some time now.
  • Most would agree, Jared has a way with words.  His most recent game recap proves the point.
  • Speaking of recaps, Frozen Leafs saw a different team from the Leafs than in some of the more recent games.  Or did they...?
  • Vintage Leafs seems to have found my weak spot.  Rick Vaive goodness.  As always, do check out the rest of the site!