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Leafs Slay the Juggernaut!

I'm still recovering from Millen's (correct) assertion that the Atlanta Thrashers are an "offensive juggernaut."  That phrase seems counter-intuitive to the Thrashers entire history.  I've been watching hockey for a long time and never in all those years have I heard that phrase.  Parity, it seems, does work.

With all that said, and I may be in the minority, I want to tell the Thrashers fans that I'm happy for them.  I like competitive hockey.  I like having a league of 30 teams, and I fully support fans of all the other 28 franchises (that's right Ottawa, you get no love from me!)

On to the links.  Either it's a quiet night, or everyone still hasn't fully grasped the Leafs win.  If I've missed you, then as always, please drop a direct link to your post in the comments.