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When Will It Be MY Turn To Be Waived, Mr Burke?

On this day of romance and smooching, let’s reach out to out fellow members of Leafs nation and share the love around a little – because if we’re being honest, OLAS isn’t going to be calling you today. I know this because I have him locked in a cupboard in my flat. Don’t worry, he’ll be allowed out for the game later on. But if he isn’t back by curfew… well. Just remember my people gave you guys your independence and we can take it back again whenever we see fit.

Threats done with, time for linkerage!

  • Steve brings us tales of fisticuffs and poor defence.
  • Toronto Mike reveals the news we've all been waiting for...Pogge is a QOTSA fan.
  • A big happy birthday (possibly/ definitely for yesterday), for one of our heroes of the revolution, Kim Jorn.
  • PensBurgh thinks it knows how to stop the Leafs. Interestingly, "Don't get atomised by Luke Schenn" isn't part of this scouting report.
  • And on an off topic tip, Ms Domi has your weekend film review/decent into cirrhosis

The Stop Press Shuffle

  • TSM reports there's still so much to do, Ron Ron.