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Happy Birthday Chemmy!

It may seem like a long-time since Chemmy started writing here full-time after abandoning his locquacious blog but it was really only on August 22, 2008 that life around these parts changed...mostly for the better. I previously penned an Ode to Chemmy and that all remains true. Hell, he drove all of the way from NYC to Toronto to go to the Wendel game with me:

Actually, it turns out that Chemmy is a bit of a moustache-phile which is a pretty good phile to have hired:

Can I get a chinchilla?

The handsome fellow also plays some hockey:

Something about that uniform looks off....

Apparently he used to be a goalie of some repute which is pretty clear from the way his ankles are bent in. Also, I am constantly regaled by his tales of scoring prowess on the ice. I assume that it's all part of his work with Big Brothers. Hey! Those 6 year olds are scrappy.

So be sure to wish the goofy bastard all of the best for the coming year.