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Monday Afternoon Fun!

Doritos: Lucky Day

This is the highest rated commercial apparently. I liked it well enough. There's not really that many things funnier than a bus coming off screen to kill someone.

"Meeting" (Bud Light)

This one was my mom's favourite commercial and of course she's right. I hate the 'drinkability' meme (seriously, it's ridiculous) but I like seeing people thrown out windows for being smart-asses. On a side note, Charles Barkley was a big fan of the height of the window.*

The rest of the Super Bowl XLIII commercials are available here.

In other news, last month was our best for visits and pageviews. We have to start a new streak of record breaking months because not enough of you hate your families enough although it was pretty close. Once again, it's a testament to everyone's contributions and the fact that I limit how offensive Chemmy is that people continuously stop lurking because everyone seems like good people.

If you're new, don't be shy. We want to hear what you have to say whether it's in a fanpost, a fanshot, or a comment. We aren't guilty of groupthink except on the important things like Luke Schenn's awesomeness so don't worry about ruffling feathers. Hell, Eyebeleaf is still coming here and he's the only person on the planet that still loves Mats Sundin. Also, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. The best place is probably in the Chatty Cathy (down on the right hand side).

Don't know what TWSS or BCWW means? Who the hell is the Hockey Viking? Why isn't Chemmy allowed to buy a Luke Schenn jersey? Fire away. Chemmy and I are working on something (actually, I ask him to work on it, he says sure, and then we repeat that little routine ad infinitum) that will help answer everyone's questions about what they can do around here but in the meantime don't be shy.

But don't suggest drinking less beer because we'll throw you out of the window.

* When Charles Barkley was asked if he regretted throwing a patron of a bar through a window he replied: "I regret that we weren't on a higher floor."