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Mats Sundin's New Team at Mats Sundin's Old Team

Here is the text at Mats Sundin's Hockey-Reference page:

First player to score 500 as a Leaf. All-time Leaf leader in goals and second in assists. 22nd most goals scored in the NHL and most overtime goals in NHL history. Nine-time all-star. Captain of the Swedish Gold Medal Olympic team. Greatest Leaf Ever.
Nothing that happens tonight will change the fact that in the pantheon of Leafs greats Mats has more than done enough to stand proudly beside giants like Sittler, Apps, Kennedy, Armstrong, Gilmour, Clark, Kelly, and Day. My greatest memory came in 2001 in my last year in high school. We somehow managed to get five tickets together so my dad and four friends made the trek to Ottawa for game one. We painted our faces and hair blue and white and were on Hockey Night in Canada. The ridiculously tense game went to overtime and then the man himself struck:

Boo or cheer but once this game is over remember the good times.

Remember your SPG Picks.

Also! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! When puck drops we are headed over to Nucks Misconduct for a field trip.