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Don't Even Think About It, Cowboy.


Clearly the Rangers will resort to magic and trickery to get the puck in.

I don't have much to saw about the Rangers. Only that when I found it was the Rangers it made me think of the Western Whoppers at Burger King. You know, with the onion rings and awesome bbq sauce? Do they still have it on the menu? Could I still order it? Should I even watch this game or should I instead go to my local BK and investigate this matter? Only if I get a crown out of it.

Bonus points to the first person to know where the title comes from without using the internets!

This is your period one game thread. FOR THE LOVE OF THE BEBEH JEEBUS DO YOUR SPG PICKS, plz? I am like not begging or pleading or anything. Feel free to tell me what your favorite fast food goodness you'd do a thousand horrible things to have. Because right now I'd commit violence for a western whopper.