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Following the Trade Deadline Made Easy

Remember how last year at the trade deadline you either pretended to be sick or skipped class in order to spend the day in front of your television watching TSN or The Score (sorry Arch, I hate Kypreos!)? Well, you should still do that this year but when you want to get some fan reaction SBN has organized a one-stop site for all of your trade deadline needs.

Basically, it'll be a huge aggregator of all of the information leading up to the big day, anything posted in reaction to trades (or non-trades if Brian Burke isn't just playing the expectations), and recaps of the days' events.

How does it affect you fine folks? Well, if you write something about the trade deadline make sure to use '2009 NHL Trade Deadline' as a tag on your stories. If they make it to the front page they'll get picked up by the Deadline page.

Also, another bit of housekeeping, in case your attention span doesn't go past 140 characters, we're on twitter so start following our Tweets/Twits/whatevers.