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Welcome Yahoo! Users


SBNation has partnered with Yahoo! Sports. If you head to their Toronto Maple Leafs page you'll notice a nifty little box with links to our distributed stories.

New Users From Yahoo: Welcome aboard! Drop by in the comments and say hello (we don't bite). Be sure to drop by in the mornings for our daily collection of links about the Leafs, check out our game previews, game open threads, recaps, and reactions.

Also, if you'd like to post something on the blog throw up a Fanpost or a Fanshot and we'll put it on the front page if it's really good. We're working on a comprehensive guide for you folks to learn all about the features available at SBNation.

Here's a few of our favorite articles for you to get a feel for what we're about:

Current Users: Make our new guests feel comfortable. Guide them in the right direction until things shake out a little bit here.

Read more about the Yahoo! integration at Blog Huddle.