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Leafs @ Islanders: The Basement Battle Royale.


Yo wassup baby? I just you know, got my flag. I won a medal, I am so fly. Call me?

Ah yes it's the battle of the season. Which team is more dedicated to living in Mom's basement? Well living in the basement isn't so bad, there is less light down there and she sometimes brings Hot Pockets. And number one draft picks. This is the dude who if I had I got some type of monetary thing in relation to how often his name is batted about, I'd be somewhat wealthier. So what Leafs will show up tonight? Can The Vesa continue to perhaps bring up his saves percentage? Has Ian White fixed his face hair because I asked? We shall find out.

Remember you SPG picks. This is your period one game thread. Be nice to the newbies. And to the newbies, welcome. PPP is taking over the rest of the threads as I am illin'.

I didn't even talk about food once. Well I think tartar sauce is OMNOMNOMNOM.

PPP Update: Chemmy just sent me the following picture: