Brendan Witt - How it Should Be

Editor's Note: I promoted Junior's fanpost because it takes a great look at the ridiculousness of the NHL's disciplinary system.

Remember this?

For those of you behind the YouTubers filters, I'll spare you the suspense. It's video of Tie Domi's gratuitous elbow on Scott Niedermayer in the 2001 playoffs. We knew this was wrong in 2001 and we weren't surprised when Domi was suspended for the balance of the playoffs and - because the Leafs were eliminated by the Devils in that series - for the first eight games of the 2002 season. At the time, Colin Campbell had this to say about Domi's elbow:

''Mr. Domi's actions have no place in our game and are being punished accordingly,'' Colin Campbell, the N.H.L. executive vice president and director of hockey operations, said in a statement. ''He has forfeited the privilege of further participation in this year's Stanley Cup playoffs.''


Campbell, interviewed in Toronto, said Domi's attack on Niedermayer was ''beyond the bounds about as far as you can get,'' even by hockey's rugged standards. Campbell reviewed the incident yesterday with Domi and Pat Quinn, the Maple Leafs' coach and general manager, in a formal hearing at the league's branch office in Toronto.

Presumably, even with the passage of time, Mr. Campbell will feel the same about Brendan Witt's elbow to Niklas Hagman's head on Thursday night. Otherwise, the NHL's Wheel of Justice is a farce. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of