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Lay Me Down In Greener Pastures?

As some/none of you might remember, our glorious 2IC Chemmy recently laid down a challenge to watch the Sharks - Red Wings game. Specifically - "I think it would be an enriching exercise if we all watched two well coached talented teams go at it."

Well, I've never been one to ignore a gauntlet being thrown down. Even if it was a lacy gauntlet with "Chemmy 4 Vesa - SWALK" sewn onto the palm. Frankly, it was an odd experience. Two teams of talented players, well coached, on (mostly) reasonable contracts and playing good hockey. It was all a bit much. It was frightful, to be honest. That's not the kind of thing I signed up for.

So in the spirit of seeing how green the grass is elsewhere, we'll be looking at Leafs links and links from the cup contenders. That'll teach the overlords of this site to be glib, won't it boys and girls? Written with a tip of the hat to Mabel for the idea.