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FTB - Coup Averted Edition

Do not worry citizens of PPPetoria. Last night's coup d'etat was a failure. Chemmy is currently in Mexico enjoying a vacation with 8 of his fingers (who needs thumbs anyway?). The game thread will be examined for any supporters that might be wishing to join him. about that Toskala? If his knees and hips are so screwed up let's just take him out behind the same shed where Burke's going to put CuJo down and save a shotgun shell.

In great news, according to Nick Kypreos, Justin Pogge will get to 'redeem' himself after being abandoned by his teammates. In Buffalo. Here's to learning more about the kid!

Tainted Spam Crown results are after the jump.

Name # of Posts
JaredFromLondon 166
loser domi 157
PPP 155
tugboats and arson 119
Say *plan the parade one more time*... 73
bkblades 67
Archimedies 62
Chemmy 60
Mabel 46
wrap around curl 42
OdinMercer 32
leafer1984 28
lordosis 23
Karina 15
koopa kid 10
Dominik 9
Whale4ever 4
Polecon 2
LeafFanInVan 2
mjdivo 1