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Leafs @ Slugs of Buffalo

Editor's Note: One of our resident hippies is in charge tonight: Blurr 1974. Please extend to him the same level of respect that you give Chemmy.

This was going to be the "Buds and Slugs vs. Vesa ToskaLOL" game thread, but tonight, we get another glimpse of the future. Justin Pogge's in net kids!

2008 - Justin Pogge 2 120 1 1 0 0 8 4.00 42 34 .810 0

Not exactly inspired stats, but the caveat is, his only loss was due more to the team in front of him than his play.

More after the jump, but a message to our lurkers out there:

If the game thread's a rockin', what are you waiting for!?! Sign up and join in!

The showcase begins tonight. With one month until the trade deadline the Leafs are moving comfortably into the seller role.

So, who stays, who goes? What do we trade for? Are Antropov and Ponikarovsky part of the future or part of the past? Are Moore, Stajan and White valuable assets Burke should consider selling while their value is high? How do you quantify Hagman's and Schenn's awesomeness?

Have your say as the game thread is go!


If Justin Pogge plays well, what should the Leafs do?

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    Ride the hot goalie (TWSS, BCWW!)
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    Send him down before he strings together some wins and screws up the Tank for Tavares plan
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    Put Cujo down, staple Vesa to the bench. The future is now!
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