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Leafs 5 Canadiens 2


This won't be a traditional recap, if you didn't clear your schedule to watch Leafs Habs last night I don't think I should spoil it with a summary. Go find a copy of the game and watch. I'd like to bring the season series to everyone's attention. Toronto is a rebuilding club who are apparently godawful, and Montreal is a lock to win the Stanley Cup in their 100th year. Montreal won 6-1 at the ACC, and then lost 6-3 at the ACC. Toronto then lost 6-2 at the Bell Centre before last night's game. Montreal has missed the playoffs five of the last nine seasons, compared to Toronto's three. None of that's important.

What's important is that Luke Schenn continued his absolute dominance of Carey Price in Carey Price's home arena. It all started with Schenn's quick deke on Price in the Young Stars game. Schenn's scored two goals in NHL competition, both have been on Carey Price, both in Montreal. 

Two other Leafs continued their excellent play as of late. The first one is obvious, Jason Blake has been on an absolute tear lately. With nine goals and seven assists in his last ten games, Jason Blake has been silencing critics of his contract. It's still for too long, especially on a young rebuilding team like Toronto, but you have to imagine a playoff team would want a guy putting up points like Blake has been lately. Also silencing critics of his contract has been Jeff Finger. A +5 in his last eight games, with two goals and two assists, he's stepped up on the blue line.

A short recap on a lazy Sunday, enjoy wins like this over hated rivals, because for a while they'll be few and far between.