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Feedback Time

Alright, as most of you know we've been running a heated race to become part of the Pension Plan Puppets team. We've wittled the field down to three from five but now we want to hear from you guys now that the masks of anonymity will be removed. We have received some feedback but are looking for more. Are we going to go with the popular vote? No. Please take your time in thinking who would be the best in terms of fit with what we've put together so far. My e-mail is at the bottom of the screen. If moving that far tires out your scrolling finger it's pensionplanpuppets at gmail dot com.

(presented in alphabetical order)

  1. Name: Blurr1974
    FTB: Hump Day Eve Edition
    Long Piece: The Half of Me's All About Apathy...
    Game Thread: Leafs at Sabres
  2. Name: Mattblack
    FTB: We're White, We're Blue, We're Drafting Higher Than You
    Long Piece: "The Passion" That Unites Us All
    Game Thread: Leafs at Canadiens

  3. Name: Wrap Around Curl
    FTB: The Breakfast of Champions Edition
    Long Piece: Pop Cultural Views on Fandom Paralleled Through Various Facets As Explained In a Vaguely Anthropological Sense
    Game Thread: Leafs at Avalanche

I closed the comments so that the feedback would be anonymous. Don't worry about hurting someone's feelings because they'll never find out. Think of it as the same as when we rip on pro athletes. I mean, it just rolls off their backs right?