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We Run This Province

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Final - 2.28.2009 1 2 3 OT Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 2 0 1 1 4
Ottawa Senators 0 2 1 0 3

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Toronto just can't seem to stop getting points. Going 4-0-2 in their last six, this Leafs squad has to have Brian Burke tearing his hair out as he looks at his draft board. As PPP pointed out seven times last night, the Leafs have also gone 7-1-1 against the Senators in their last nine games.

Personally, I'm not that worried about the winning. This year's draft is deep with solid defensive prospects, which is where the Leafs really need to upgrade. According to the CBC last night, only the Leafs and Florida have ten players with more than ten goals. The Leafs also have more goals for than three of the Eastern Conference teams that are playoff bound right now, and four of the Western teams.

The Leafs need D. The Leafs need goaltending, and post trade deadline and draft day, this Leafs squad is going to be a lot younger. I feel like a broken record but don't be torn, enjoy this win. Rome wasn't rebuilt in a day.