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Islanders @ Leafs: Wish I Wasn't Here.

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The Tank for Tavares extravaganza continues. And I left wondering shouldn't they be called the New York Peninsulaers? I can make up words if I want. Don't hate.

But I can only think of warm, tropical places at the moment. I look out the window and there is snow. And it's cold. It's cold in both farenheit and celsuis. I am prone to wailing "ow my bones" like an old person. I pulled on proper boots and a parka today. IN MARCH. My mind wanders to a place that has boozy, fruity drinking and flowered necklaces that are loving given to you upon touching the tarmac...



This is your first period thread. Feel free to talk about Dracula's Lament. Remember those SPG PICKS. You can win a bouncy castle. That is not true. But you can win something that does bounce and bobble (not Mila or Kristen). Pretty rad, huh?



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