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Where Are They Now? Post-Deadline Edition

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The trade deadline did not exactly result in the massive firesale that we had hoped for but a couple of players did move on to greener pastures. It goes without saying that the bigger move of the two was Nik Antropov heading to Broadway. He has taken to Madison Square Garden like a fish to water with three goals on 13 shots and two assists in six games. He's also been involved in one controversial incident:

Naturally I've recommended the death penalty for Braydon Coburn for being a little bitch and trying to injure the one part of Antropov that has escaped damage throughout his career. And some other guy was traded as well...

Dominic Moore

Ok, so I understand the need for players to make as much money as they can while they are playing because they are dumb and have no other useful skills and they can't all be fan favourites that sell lumber or Cadillacs or have restaurants (Maurice Richard was so loved that his restaurant went broke). But Moore went to Harvard. I am sure he's either not that dumb or he can tap into that network rather than try to hold the Leafs' ransom after that not only took a flyer on him but gave him the opportunity to showcase his previously hidden skills.

Well, all of the good work and interest that his previoushard work and his 41 points had garnered are getting washed down the drain as he has produced zero goals and zero assists in five games. Good luck getting $3M per year this summer.