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Ben & Jerry's To Honour John Mitchell With New Flavour

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BURLINGTON, VT - Socially conscious dairy confection manufacturer Ben & Jerry's has today annouced they will be introducing a new flavour for the summer, honouring potty-mouthed Leaf favourite, John Mitchell.

The new flavour, to be named 'F___ing Strawberry Shootout Sniper'', will feature real strawberry pieces smothered in rich vanilla ice cream, along with marshmallow shapes of your favourite cuss words in all their eye-watering glory.

Rumoured to have been amongst the rejected names for the new product were 'C___sucking Chocolate Crunch' and 'The Toronto S__py T_t w__k Treat' *.

Mitchell, 24, was unavailable for comment as he was answering a charge of using foul and abusive language towards an arresting officer at his local courthouse.

* This product may already be available via other outlets.