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Maple Leafs 5 at Canadiens 2: The Mob Buries the Habs

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I guess it's true what they say about Alex Ponikarovsky: You cannot hope to stop Poni you can only hope to contain him. The Habs fans should be delighted that their team were able to hold him to only two goals and two assists. Not to mention that hearing the boos cascade over Mikhail Grabovski as he notched four points was hilarious. And the Russian trio was rounded out by new father Nikolai Kulemin who potted a goal and an assist. The Habs haven't had as much trouble with The Mob since...well, since a couple of weeks ago. Who knew that if two Russian on one line was a good thing that three Russians would be a great thing? And yes, they were all born when the USSR still existed so calling them Russians is okay. Plus, it kind of makes the Leafs like the Red Wings.