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Black Bag Ops

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"When are WE going to get a mental goalie, Dad?"

Right - hold the fort, chaps - I've had a great idea.

It seems obvious to me that the league needs to play another half a season this year - about forty more games, I reckon. And let's strike the games from October to January off the records. Everyone just had a really long pre-season, let's say. (With the added bonus of the perfect answer to the question, 'Why didn't you do that in November, when it mattered?' Because it didn't matter! We were just tweaking fitness levels then! We play until August in this league, you idiot!

Now, I'm far too busy to actually sit down and do the Maths over this - but if the season started in January and we carried on with our current record (since, saaaaay...the last Islanders game) - you know what that would mean? Oh yes - SPYOFFAL!!!11!!!!11! And a really, really shoddy winter classic.

Only downside - ottawa would be in the process of winning the Presidents' Trophy. Yeah, alright....back to the drawing board...