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Bruins @ Leafs: Nostalgia Edition.

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AHHHH! Pogs! I used to have about an eight inch tube full of Pogs. My treasured Pog was the one with the Red Power Ranger (who would later go own to have a career in gay porn) that I got in a Happy Meal at McDonalds. I remember getting mad at the neighbor boyos who used jagged metal slammers. Dent my Pogs and I will cut you.

This is your period one game thread. Do those SPG picks. You won't win Pogs. But you can try to win a bobble head.

PPP will be taking over for me after this as I have dinner and a hockey game to attend. Go Leafs and Go Chiefs. Ta ta my darlings.

This is your benevolent overlord here. I'll be around to post new threads but not to moderate. Remember that people read the threads at work so no pictures of sexy Daniel Craig or smoking hot Jason Statham. Funny photoshops, puppies, and cats bent on world domination are always welcome but don't forget to talk about the game too!