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Question of the Day: Re-sign Brad May?

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The Leafs acquired grizzled veteran Brad May from Anaheim for a conditional sixth round pick. The "condition" attached to the pic is that Anaheim doesn't get that pick unless Brad May re-signs with Toronto this summer as a UFA.

On one hand, in a rebuilding year one's first instinct is to say "hold on to our picks at all costs". Brad May is pretty old, Brad May isn't that great at hockey anymore, and the Leafs need to get younger.

On the other hand, a guy like Brad May might help you develop your rookies. May could be around to show guys like Hanson Jr. how to play a power forward game with grit and intensity. He could also show rookies how to play 100% on every shift.

So, the question of the day, re-sign May or not?