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OMG! DD 4 BB Et Al. (I.E. NA 2 NP, PDQ?)

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It's the morning shift here on the National Affairs Desk and there's going to be a lot of ground covered today - should it live in infamy or not.

PPP and Chemmy will be working the phones, Wrap is going to be providing a sorely need element of glamour by wearing a taffeta ballgown and as ever, I shall be sliding neatly into my esteemed role as the Jimmy Olsen of the piece.

PLEASE NOTE - If you post a fanshot or write a fanpost about a trade today, please add the tag "2009 NHL Trade Deadline". If it's posted to the front page then it will be added to the SBN Deadline Hub. If it's a fanshot then it should include some analysis as well if you want it on the front page. Enjoy the day and let's see what Burke has in store. Take a deep breath and get ready for some action.

However - please do not hold that breath until 3PM Eastern.