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Leafs @ Capitals: A New Goaltender Awaits

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The Leafs have bought the contract of forward Jeff Hamilton from the AHL Chicago Wolves, he'll be in the lineup tonight in Washington.

Even the Leafs' most optimistic supporters agree now that this season is done, so I think really we're all rooting for Alex Ovechkin to score four goals on Gerber tonight.

G A P +/- PIM
2008 - Alex Ovechkin 46 37 83 12 66

We've had enough OT games. We've got a bonafide career sieve in net, our scoring is missing, our power play is missing a key cog, Hagman's still out, it's time to improve our draft pick.

Go Leafs go, in theory. Let's cheer for some Schenn hits and some Grabovski fancy maneuvering. Let's cheer for the promise of a better team at the end of the tunnel.