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Leafs @ Caps: A New Hope.

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I think it's only fitting since Martin Gerber has rocked a Star Wars mask that I take this one time opportunity to geek out. Though I do geek out on the regular, this time I should realllllly go for it. But when presented with such a great chance, I don't even know what to do with it. I could perhaps parallel the Leafs with Star Wars. But where do I begin?

Ryan Hollweg is probably Jar Jar Binks, yappy and a bit useless. Jiri NSFW Tlusty is Leia in a gold bikini for obvious reasons. C3P0 is Mike Van Ryan because of his falling apart and his trusty counterpart R2-D2 is Ian White. Jason Blake is probably a Jawa and CLEARLY the Vesa is an ewok. Luke Schenn, Luke Skywalker which is just destiny. Jamal Mayers gets to be the stone cold pimp residing over Cloud City, Lando Calrissian. Pavel Kubina seems like an ideal candidate for Chewbacca. Mickey Grabs gets the esteemed honor of being Boba Fett. What about Han? Matty Stajan I think would be the perfect dude to wear a billowing linen shirt and tight pants firing his blaster...Man I better stop thinking about all this.

This is your period one game thread. Remember your SPG picks. I hear there is some sort of trinket on the line? Correct my Star Wars labeling in the comments or expand upon my madness.