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Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See The Future

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Big news, everyone. I've been privy to some very sensitive information, which I will now share with you. I have in my hand a piece of paper, slipped under the door of my flat in the dead of night, which details the Leafs defensive partnerships for Monday nights game against the ottawa senators:

Pavel Kubina -Jeff Finger

Erik Reitz - The Count (Von. Two. Three Goals!! A HA HA!!)

King Juan Carlos of Spain - Screech from Saved By The Bell.

Healthy scratch - Luke Schenn. I refuse to risk him any further. Our D is cursed this year and an 'Other - Excused' to him would just about tip me over the edge.

The good news? Hells, it's only Alfie and his flying circus. Two points in the bag. Vaaaaamoose, Your Majesty!