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Question of the Day: Since the Start of the Season, Are You More Optimistic About the Rebuild?

This is an awkwardly worded but fun question. Last summer we all knew this was going to be a rebuilding season and we gave each other e-high fives about Luke Schenn and our impending Rookie Bargain Bonanza.

We've seen seventy-six games in this rebuild so far. We've passed the trade deadline and seen what Burke's brought in. We've seen some JFJ drafted property shine (Kulemin, Mitchell) and we found out one of our prospects in the KHL has a heart condition and won't be playing hockey anymore.

The Leafs roared back to some great comebacks against the Rangers (John Mitchell smokin goalies everyday) and Kings (the Leafs finally scored on a 5 on 3) and the Leafs stuffed some games they had in the bag like Wendel Night. Editor's Note: Thanks for that guys. Editor's Note 2: Since that first note by PPP was speaking for both of us it should actually read 'Editors' Note:'.

So the question on the table: is the rebuild going ok? Are you more optimistic about the rebuild than you were last summer or less optimistic?