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An Observation

Rule number one of writing: consider your audience. You have to have some sort of expectation of the knowledge that your reader will possess. For example, I assume that if you are coming to a Leafs' blog that you likely already read the four Toronto dailies,, watch Sports Desk (yes, that's its proper name) at least one a day, and watch as many Leaf games as possible as a starting point. We run a big tent so if you don't fit that profile that's not a problem. We're glad to explain anything you don't understand.

Which brings me to something I noticed while writing the Negative Nancy Notebook today. Take a look at these images:


Toronto Sun
Toronto Star 


Ottawa Sun

Ottawa Citizen

I wonder what that says about what the Ottawa papers' perception of their readership? Do they think that they need to be reminded that the senators play hockey? Maybe they need to remind readers that the senators are the home team? What do you guys think?