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Kicking it Montreal Style

Ah, Montreal in the Spring!

So here is the deal, lovelies. I am hitting Montreal for the Draft. I need to see who snatches up my Chiefs. Plus I have never been to Canada and I figured hey why not experience the wonders that you nation has to offer. I'd love to meet up with the darlings of PPP. Actually, I extend this invitation to all bloggers, commenters and other rad people. I am not going to chase you down and demand you come to Montreal. Rather I prefer passive aggressive guilting; I am dropping 600 bucks on just an airplane ticket. I still have a hotel to book. And food to buy. Will Canada let me bring PopTarts in? Editor's Note: We have Pop Tarts already. Can I sleep on a bench?

Did you feel that? That was your heart going, "Man I better go to Montreal, even if it's just for a day, so I can say 'hey wassup' to WAC."