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The PPP PP - Last Call

There hasn't been a photo yet taken that's as awesome as this update.

That's the Pension Plan Puppets Playoff Pool to you, Mister.

As I am such an all-round good egg (and will in no way be slightly more focused on the Champions League quarter finals this evening), the final deadline has been extended to 6PM EST. At that point however, all entries will be locked!

Details of those teams to lazy/scared to enter a roster follow after the jump.

Right at this moment in time, we have 28 active teams ready to duke it out. HOWEVER! This means the teams from the following members of the PPP community have yet to be received:






Pat Verbeek

PPP (!) Editor's Note: I am making my team extra good.


I'll say it once more - 6PM Eastern. After that, it's goodnight Vienna.

Anyone not currently showing an interest is more than welcome to join - send an email with your SBNation Username and your Chosen Team Name to me at and I'll send you what you need to know. This is the last call! Alllll abroad!!!

Editor's Note: If you don't enter that means that you don't want to win a Wendel Clark autographed puck. Your name will be put on a list and sent to Mr. Clark for blood-punching out purposes. Get ready to fear your shadow for the rest of your life if you do not enter.