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Bandwagoning: Night 1

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New York Rangers
@ Washington Capitals

Good Guys: Japers' Rink

Bad Guys: Blueshirt Banter

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009, 7:00 PM EDT
Verizon Center

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Holy smokes! Did you know that the NHL Playoffs started tonight? Well, long story short: I'm cheering for the Capitals. So are some of you. Capitals fans are happy too. J.P. even made us our own special logo: 


Brian Burke is already in negotiations to get them to cheer for us next year when the Leafs make the playoffs. All they want is a few # 19 - Tavares jerseys. Be sure to check out both SBN sites. They are great gateways to the rest of their communities (Rodosphere and PotvinSucksosphere?).

So what are people saying about the series? Well, James Mirtle makes an un-terrorist-like prediction and says that the Rangers are done in five. TLP has five scary words for Capitals fans regardless of their vintage. Puck Daddy predicts that the sheer volume of Capitals blogs will bury the Rangers but if not it'll be the fact that no one on the Rangers can score. Of course, they do have one secret weapon with knees forged deep in the mountains of Kazakhstan! I think that he actually matches up really well against the Capitals. Do I have any proof? Well, in 25 career games against the Capitals he has put up 7-10-17, +6. Not bad.

Wondering what games are on what channels? It's easy here in Canada (Except for those that are with Rogers, good riddance, and can't see TSN2) but Puck The Media has everything sorted out. But are you wondering how to keep your levels of alcohol consumption up to Maple Leaf fans' standards when you're watching a good team? Well, Barry Melrose Rocks (the site does, the person blows) has your answer. What other ideas do you have for prompts to drink? I suggest the tiniest sip every time McGuire says "MONSTER!". Anything else and you might die.

So gear up! Consider this your open thread for tonight's games but you can jump into the other game threads throughout SBN via the Playoff Hub. 

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