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The Games I Watched

God I love the playoffs! Imagine if the Leafs were involved. It would probably look something like the St. Louis Game Time game thread but bigger. Tugboats and arson came along on the field trip and it was a good time. Did you know that they have some former Maple Leafs on the team? I know!

Brad Lee recaps last night's game pretty well and hits on most of the things that really stood out for me. If you didn't see the game then it might be hard to explain just how badly the referees affected the flow of the game. Picture the first night after the lockout and that's how many ticky-tack penalties got called. The Blues' powerplay alternated between complete lost most of the time and completely stymied on their 5-on-3. The other glaring issue was the complete lack of traffic in front of Luongo. Sure, a couple of guys snowed Luongo and made me laugh but they have to get their rear-ends in his fact. Let 'em know what you had for lunch 3 days ago. Like Lundqvist in the Caps game if he can see it he'll stop it.

The Official Eastern Conference bandwagon team was also in action last night and things went just as well as they did for the Blues. Oddly enough, the normally calm Bruce Boudreau did his best Ron Wilson impression and called out Theodore. Granted, he didn't play his best game I am not sure if that's the best approach for a guy that is so clearly mentally fragile. Reaction is a bit split on Antropov. DMG erroneously accuses Antropov of multiple interference/diving offences when we all know that a. he doesn't dive and b. he runs into people and falls down because he is so huge. Meanwhile, Patrick Hoffman is loving the lanky Kazakh and who wouldn't when he potted a nice snipe, picked up an assist, and was out defending the lead with less than a minute. Welcome back to the playoffs big guy! The big story of the game is probably a toss-up between Theodore losing his 11th playoff game in his last 15 and Sean Avery's apparent carte blance to disturb shit.

Anyway, you can read more by going to the SBN playoff hub.

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