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Bandwagoning: Night 2

Here's our second playoff bandwagon open thread PPPers. There are going to be some exciting matchups tonight, let's dig in!

7:00PM EDT

Les Horriblants vs the Boston Bruins (CBC-HD)

We're going to have another north south gameday thread divide, though most of us southerners have Center Ice so I suppose we could watch Bruins-Habs if we had to. This series is the exact opposite of last year's first round matchup and I'm hoping the Bruins can finish this series quick. PPP bandwagon pick: Go Bruins!

Detroit Red Wings vs the Columbus Blue Jackets (Versus HD)

Young upstars the Columbus Blue Jackets head to the Joe for their first playoff game. Let's hope they can pull off some magic and upset the #2 seed Detroit Red Wings. Remember back in the day when the Leafs would upset the #1 seed? Those were pretty good days. Fuhr for Andreychuck. PPP bandwagon pick: Go Jackets!

8:30PM EDT

Chicago Blackhawks vs the Calgary Flames (TSN HD, Versus HD)

The "underdog" #5 #4 seed (Ed. note: oops) Chicago travels to Calgary where they'll mercilessly pummel the Flames before finishing the sweep at home. Those of us in the US will drop in on this broadcast in progress and leave before the conclusion to head to San Jose. Sweeps... CuJo... Sens ... sorry I'm not feeling that well. PPP bandwagon pick: Go Hawks!

10:30PM EDT

Anaheim Ducks vs the San Jose Sharks (Versus HD, CBC)

This series should be pretty great. The #8 Ducks are going to look to play a physical tough fought series against the SUNDIN *PING* SCORES #1 Sharks. They played twice last week and took two points each, this series is a lot closer than out front again Rouse... SCORES! SCORES! THE LEAFS WIN IT! than it looks on paper. PPP bandwagon pick: let's have a good clean fight. (Just kidding, blood please).

This is your game day open thread. Commence posting!