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Maple Leafs 3 Forces of Evil 2: CU-JO! CU-JO!

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour:

Between the Pipes: Martin Biron returns to the Flyer crease tonight. No shock. 

And, no, this is not an April Fools joke: Curtis Joseph will be in net tonight for Toronto. Yes, the same guy who's been playing since the Leafs last won a Cup. Martin Gerber is serving the final game of a three game suspension. CuJo is 4-8-2 this season with a 3.62 GAA. Hah.

- Broad Street Hockey

Oh what a gut buster. Curtis Joseph isn't just old he's also been around since before the Leafs last won a Stanley Cup in 1967. You know what year is really close to that one? 1975. Coincidentally, that's the last time the Flyers hoisted Lord Stanley's mug and based on last night's performance their kids won't be pooping in the chalice this year. The only one's laughing last night were Leafs fans as they watched Martin Biron fumble the game away.

Other times, it pays to use your common sense:

Classy blog, PPP. Want the Flyers to die in a chemical accident. It’s not like the Leafs have never boarded or laid a dirty hit on anybody.

No wonder the Habs have more fans.

- doubleh

If you read something on the internet try to take into account the tone of the site or you'll look like an idiot. Also, never suggest that the Habs have more fans than the Leafs. And don't make the kindergarten-level "you did it once so we can make it a lifestyle" argument.

Enough laughing at Flyers fans. Editor's Note: just kidding. Let's keep in mind that they did expose Jim Carey Price last spring and I don't think anyone can deny that they enjoyed seeing that although it was tinged with disappointment that the meteor never materialised.

Jamal Mayers got the scoring started when he pounced on a loose puck in the slot after Luke Schenn's shot didn't make it through to the net. Nice to see him start playing after about 50-odd games of being invisible.

Arron Asham tied the game on a shot that surprised Joseph who once again thrilled the home crowd with a throwback performance. Would have been great to see him play this well in November...

Lee Stempniak put the Leafs back in the lead after he hammered home rebound from Jeff Finger's point shot. His goal led to the hilarious post-game exchange where Wilson was asked if he was pleased seeing grinders like Stempniak score. Wilson laughed and said that they don't consider Stempniak a grinder while Leaf fans looked at the Blues' statistics and wept.

Cujo was definitely in early millennium form right down to getting caught wandering out of his net on a long dump in. I remember always wishing he'd get chained to the cross bar because my heart would stop whenever he left the crease. Then again, I wish he'd do the backhanded scoop for a breakaway once more for old time's sake.

Ian White then potted his 10th goal of his moustache-powered campaign after Martin Biron's nerves of steel abandoned him. John Stevens had seen enough and gave his tender the hook. Not that it livened the Flyers up. They can talk all they want about their team not getting up for it but with less than six games left before the playoffs their fans might want to start worrying.

Claude Giroux notched a consolation powerplay goal late but it wasn't enough as Cujo shut the door once again. It's no surprise that he picked up the game's first star and left us once again with a nice memory after a season that has been, to quote Brian Burke, a kick in the nuts.

Final - 4.1.2009 1 2 3 Total
Philadelphia Flyers 1 0 1 2
Toronto Maple Leafs 1 2 0 3

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