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You Think Leafs Fans Have It Bad?

We'll recover... like a brick to the face.

[Habs fans] will shriek and holler, chant "Go Habs Go" and mug at themselves on the big screen (although their images won't be shown unless they are wearing official Canadiens merchandise). - Montreal Gazette

Countless volumes have been written about how bad the Leafs organization is for raising ticket prices, gouging their fans of money, and the corporate old boys club that is the lower bowl. Montreal has been held up as somehow being the opposite of that, but with their owner's financial troubles it seems that the cracks are beginning to show. Not wearing a Habs jersey to a playoff game? Well then you're not getting on the jumbotron.

Not to worry though, Montreal has an easy solution. They'll give you a Habs jersey with your playoff tickets:

The final step was to pick the mailing process. It would only give me the super fan option. So I pressed it and to my amazement, I was being charged $385.40 for two tickets in Section 408 Row B Seats 15-16 (tickets valued at $41 each) and a jersey and brick, and express delivery (valued at 285.90) plus a $17.50 web convience fee.

That's right. For two $41 playoff tickets to see the Lucic-less Bruins smear the Habs in their own building you'll pay $400 to sit in the cheap seats, but at least you get a crummy replica jersey and a souvenir brick. Don't gloat too much though, I'm sure MLSE, the Dolans and any other ownership group that sells out in the playoffs are watching this with their beady little eyes.

Having been exposed to the kind of heist that is usually performed at gun-point, Baran's response was to remain loyal to his team: "Go Habs Go!"

However unlike Leafs fans who are brainless sheep who fill the building no matter what, Habs fans are smart savvy customers who avoid their team when they stink so that ownership gets the hint. Also they have no problem selling out the building when forced to buy a jersey and a tiny piece of the worst house ever every time they go to a playoff game. (Excuse me while I laugh myself into tears.)

In closing, I went to a Whalers game once where before the game they handed out free Whalers frisbees. At the end of the night when the Whalers lost there were approximately 15,000 frisbees on the ice. I always laugh when invariably on "free team hat" day some player on the home team steps up and scores a hat trick.

What I'm getting at is that for the sake of everyone in attendance I pray to God that the Habs send out the souvenir bricks this summer and not in a package with the tickets, otherwise Lucic roughing up Lapierre will be the least of the Habs' players concern.