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Bandwagon Open Thread: Let's Go Bruins!

Two seven o'clock games, up first we've got:

Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens

Boston leads series 2-0

Without Lucic Boston heads into the Brickhouse looking to go up 3-0 against their hated rivals and wearers of prison striped jerseys. This shouldn't be hard for Boston since everyone in Quebec smokes, apparently. I was flipping through a magazine in my hotel in Ottawa that was about Montreal and even the lingerie ads had chicks wearing bras, heels, and smoking. Odd.

Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers

New York leads series 2-0

Out of fairness to my Caps fan buddies, I'm not going to watch this game so that Washington stands a chance. I hope the game is exciting (because the other two weren't).

Chicago Blackhawks @ Calgary Flames

Chicago leads series 2-0

Chicago gonna get into the Saddledome and do work. Oilers fans will rejoice, TLP will cry, but stick a fork in Calgary cause they done.