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Bandwagon Open Thread: Nobody Mention It

Boston at Montreal

7PM EDT, CBC, Boston leads 3-0

Don't say it. Nobody mention it. No big deal, nothing special about this game. The Canadiens are a great team who can play with the best of them. This looks like an exciting game, let's hope the "best team" wins.

Washington at New York

7PM EDT, TSN, Versus, New York leads 2-1

I won't watch this game because I'm terrible luck for Washington. It's not that Leafs fans jinxed Washington last year it was me personally and I'm sorry. I didn't want game three and I'm going to do DC a favor and not watch game four. For my sake though, can you all encourage Green and Ovie to get some goals? I need the fantasy points thanks.

Chicago at Calgary

10PM EDT, TSN, Versus, Chicago leads 2-1

I listened to a Mike Keenan interview on XM radio last night where he mentioned the 1994 Rangers more than ten times in ten minutes along with comparing Iginla, Regehr, Bourque and Jokinen to Mark Messier. In his free time, Mike Keenan wears a rainbow wig, big shoes, and a red nose because he's a fucking clown.

If you don't hate the 1994 Rangers then you probably don't live in America and watch the NHL network which runs commercials for their commemorative DVD every single break. Also, I'll give anyone reading this blog even odds that Mark Messier is crying somewhere right now.