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Bandwagon Open Thread: Now Without That French Aftertaste.

There are four games on deck for tonight. This will serve as the first thread and when it gets too full I'll pop open a new one. Unless The Office is on and I have closed my laptop to focus on JAM.

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh: 7:00 EST CBC and VERSUS. I hear the Pitt is going for a white out tonight which will be much more pleasant on the eyes than that orange crush madness. Pens are leading the series, 3-1 so it's Must Win City for the corpse of Danny Briere.

Detroit @ Columbus: 7:00 EST TSN2. Also occupying Must Win City tonight is the Blue Jackets. And really I hope they do win, so my bracket will look a bit less ridiculous than it does now. And really, haven't the Wing won enough? Can't they sit out a season or three? Also, Stevie Mason, I think you are the adoptive goalie of Leafer Nation.

Carolina @ New Jersey: 7:30 EST VERSUS RIS TSN. Hey, did you hear about that last game between the Canes and Devils? Did something happen? I heard like, Brodeur was possessed and an exocist had to be called in. I dunno. That's just what the internet told me. This series is tied at 2. And I thinkkkkkk I might be alone in this, but uhm, Go Canes. Because I am cheering for each Staal brother. Even the one not in the NHL. 

San Jose @ Anaheim: 10:30 EST VERSUS CBC RDS CSN.The Duckies are leading the series at 2-1. Jonas Hiller for the most part is showing that whole dissing on his Swiss goaltending isn't cute. I'm cheering for George "the Fightin' Stache" Parros. You should too.