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Bandwagon Open Thread: Saturday Night Social

This morning, ok it was basically morning for me I woke up at 11 and the game was at noon, we saw the Pens turn the tables on the Flyers. Perhaps chanting Crosby Sucks isn't advisable. Max Tal silenced Philly and then the Pens ended up winning. Tonight we have (as I copied and pasted this from Chemmy and didn't even reformat);

Flames @ Blackhawks @ 9:00 EDT

The Flames and Hawks are tied at two games a piece heading into game five. Olli Jokinen's head looks like a pumpkin.

Ducks @ Sharks @ 10:00 EDT

The Ducks lead 3-1 and are looking to upset their cross state rivals. Someone perform the heimlich on San Jose.

This is your overflow and game thread for these two games. There are no SPG picks anymore, did someone win that unicorn or something? Also best of luck with the Dion Phaneuf drinking game. Be responsible and all that.

And now a tune from The Saturdays;