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Bandwagon Open Thread:

Tonight on the docket there are two games and the Chuck season finale. Man oh man, how crazy will it get at Ellie and Awesome's wedding?

Chicago @ Calgary: 9:30 EST VERSUS TSN. The Flames are in Must Win City after a 5-1 evisceration by Chicago on Saturday. Not in the line up tonight is Dion Phaneuf. Perhaps he has a previous engagement with Ms. Cuthbert.

San Jose @ Anaheim: 10:30 VERSUS CBC RDS. The Sharks are fighting to stay in this while Jonas Hiller continues to be kinda awesome for the Duckies. In the last meeting Hiller stopped 45 shots on goal, despite the loss. I will resist making any references to Gordon Bombay.

This is your thread to converse about the game.