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I sit before you today as usual, with all the tales of the mighty Blue and White from the last 24 hours for your delecation. In this case, all none of them. So this ought not to take very long...

  • Toronto Sports Media has the lead today, covering Paul Kelley's conversation with Sportsnet and money troubles out in the desert.
  • Anyone not currently aware of who Eyebleaf thinks will win the big one this year, wonder no more (and please - no complaints. He's the only one who pays me to be linked.)
  • A surprisingly, nay astonishingly high end-of-season mark for the Razor from Mile High Hockey.
  • On the green in two with the Flyers and Melt Your Face Off.
  • Eulogising the Sharks, it's the Battle of California on Puck Daddy.
  • The Battle of New York starts the blame game at the Devils.
  • Actually, the season for the Maple Leafs starts on Sunday. Don't believe me? Then shame on you.
  • Ummmm....
  • I'm going here for dinner tonight and you're all very welcome to join me. The mee goreng is particularly good.
  • World Championship Scores: Austria 0 - 2 Latvia. Denmark 4 - 5 Norway. Sweden 6 - 5 USA!USA!USA! Finland 4 - 3 Czech Republic.